About Us

We have been dedicated to teaching students to be responsible, safe drivers for more than 40 years

We are a Public School Driver Education Program: A driver’s education program taught to students who live within the Wachusett Regional School District. The program is offered at the public high school as part of an education program, sponsored by the local school district. Wachusett High School faculty members or employees of the school district that are licensed by the RMV.

Students advance through the required MassDOT – RMV program at their own pace.
Our students are the best instructed drivers in the district. When the students pass their road test they are newly licensed, but safe drivers.

Some facts about our program are;

  • The Vehicles we use are 2018 Ford Focuses and 2019 Ford Eco Sports
  • They are brand new and are turned in every 2 years.

Every class is taken to our auto shop where they are shown and participate in automotive basics. How to: change a flat tire, checking fluids, the battery, etc.

Every class has outside speakers to enhance student learning

Some of our speakers represent:
Our school resource officer Sean Mckiernan MA State Police, Holden PD, Rutland PD, Paxton PD, Princeton PD,
Brain Injury Institute of MA UMass Memorial Health Care, Injury Prevention Center, Automotive Service manager- certified mechanic, Insurance company –staff, and Parent speakers who have had a family loss.

For the school community:

  • A student assembly is held every May of each school year for our Junior class that relates to safe driving
  • 500+ juniors attend.

In the past the following have presented:

  • Mass State Police
  • Brain Injury Assoc. of MA
  • James Butcher P.O.
  • Dr. Mariann Manno M.D. UMass Memorial
  • Sarah Panzau Evans

For the several years, an emphasis has been placed on the Safe Driving Law which limits and or prohibits cell phone use. A driving simulator truck or trailer has visited the school. UMass and Arbella Insurance sponsor the driving simulator. Teens get a chance to see the dangers of texting while driving.

Jack Jones – Driver Education Coordinator

RMV Professional Driving Instructor (PDI) since March 2008

1401 Main Street | Holden MA 01520 | Room C124-b

Phone: (508) 829 6771 ext. 1000